Blended Malt Whisky
Blended Malt Whisky

Whistler is the most robust whisky in the range. The blend created by our master blender keeping in mind the Indian Palate is a extremely smooth and mellow. It has been hand selected from our rarest malt spirits matured in American Oak Wood Barrels and blended with finest Matured Grain Spirits also aged in American Oak wood Barrels.

NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS are added for aroma or taste.

Whistler Whisky can be called a whisky in the true sense.


String Vodka touches the strings of music

Drink of real joy and celebration crafted with spirit distilled from selected grain unparalleled smoothness and exclusive quality. Embodying the essence of passion, luxury and vodka of uncommon brilliance_ Crafted to Perfection with traditional and authentic Russian methods. String Vodka can be enjoyed neat chilled in the traditional Russian Style


On the rocks


As Superb cocktails and mixed long drinks as per your choice.

White Rum

Pure white rum is a creation of pure white spirit distilled to perfection. Exclusive quality, purity and exceptional taste for enjoyment. Pure white rum can be enjoyed chilled as on the rocks


As in mixed long drink as per your choice.

Dark Rum

Pure Dark Rum is a tasty Dark Rum from INDIA

Pure Dark Rum is Distinct, Beautifully Polished and Perfectly Unique and Classic in Taste

Blended Malt Whisky

Golden Wings is extra fine blended whisky, skillfully crafted by the master blender.

The blend created to perfection with best of Grain and Malt Spirits matured in selected finest Oak Wood Barrels for number of years.

INTRODUCINGFirst Indian Malt Whisky Matured in American oak casks and blended to perfection for smooth Indian palette.